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Group Discussion Activity Examples

Grades: 9-12
Ongoing? No
Here, you will see how schools in the United Kingdom and New Zealand communicated with each other to explore the history, economy, and culture of each other's countries. Be sure to check out the Projects Page and the What are they Like? section to see some truly interactive learning.

KidCast for Peace 
Grades: K-12
Ongoing? Yes
Here’s an exciting opportunity for your students to reach out to the world! The KidCast program gives kids a chance to make a difference on Earth Day. Children draw pictures of the world as a better, happier place. During a CU-SeeMe worldwide videocast, they hold the pictures up for other participants to see. (They also have the option of creating a website linked to KidCast.) Another way for participants to contribute is through a MIDI Music Jam - they send the URL ahead of time and the link is added to the KidCast site. Resources include a page for submitting stories or poetry and detailed instructions for teachers.

Voices of Youth 
Grades: 4-12
Ongoing? Yes
Unicef's Voices of Youth is a place where students worldwide can discuss (in three languages) social and economic issues such as child labor, the girl child, and urban children. This attractive site also includes quizzes and interactive "games" to set the tone for deep discussion and particularly powerful example is an interaction on stereotypes.


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